What is Cellulite

What Is Cellulite?

When you look at your legs, you might feel frustrated about the lumpy, bumpy appearance lying beneath your skin […]

Understanding Cellulite

A great many people have cellulite – some sources say that it occurs in 90 percent of women. That’s […]


Cream for Cellulite

If you have the condition, you’ve probably been interested in treatments such as cream for cellulite. Creams are some […]

Cellulite Tips

What Caffine Cream For Cellulite Can Do For You

Okay, you’ve been avoiding the mirror for some time now. That once flat stomach and firm backside have developed a case of ever increasing dimples, courtesy of cellulite. It happens. As we age we tend to become more sedate, exercise less, and (to be honest) don’t always turn down that glazed donut when we should. We all know it! But, if misery loves company, you’ve got a lot of friends out there. It’s estimated (conservatively) that 8 out of 10 middle-aged women have some kind of cellulite […]

How To Get Rid of Cellulite!

This article will explain the three reasons why kettlebells work to get rid of cellulite. So you’re probably wondering what these kettlebell things have to do with cellulite. Well I’m glad you asked! OK so let’s go through the reasons why kettlebells get rid of cellulite. Now in all the research that I’ve done I’ve come to the conclusion that there are 3 main reasons why kettlebells can quickly reduce and get rid of cellulite. The first reason is that heavy weight training reduces cellulite. You can […]

Can Exercises Get Rid of Cellulite? – Natural Cellulite Reduction

Can good exercise reduce cellulite? So how do you get start to reduce or get rid of cellulite? If you are reading this article then chances are you are looking for a solution to help reduce cellulite or get rid of it completely and the answers above questions are important to you. Introduction Well there is a lot of information about cellulite reduction and may people believe different things as different solutions are more suited to certain lifestyles and situations. Some people opt for surgical procedures which […]

Erase Cellulite

Cellulite Remedies

Cellulite Detox – How a Cleanse May Help Cellulite

You may have heard about doing a cleanse to help with weight loss and overall health. A cleanse is reputed to remove toxins from your body, which is why a cleanse is sometimes called a “detox” or a “detoxification cleanse.” Many cleanses involve herbs, juices, and/or supplements that can aid in the process. Advocates of cleansing claim that it promotes overall health, increases energy levels, and makes digestion more efficient. But what does that have to do with cellulite? Cellulite itself is not necessarily a sign of […]

How to Avoid Cellulite

It’s said that taking preventative measures before cellulite has a chance to form can help prevent its formation. Even if cellulite is already a fact of life for you, prevention tips can help stop more cellulite from forming and may even reduce the appearance of existing cellulite. Here are some suggestions and ideas. Regular Exercise Yes, you’ve heard this prescription before for overall health. But exercise may help prevent and reduce cellulite, too. Regular exercise like walking or cycling is good to incorporate into your routine, and […]

Cellulite Therapy

If you’re plagued by unsightly cellulite, you’ll be interested in cellulite therapy options. Each has its pros and cons. It’s important to educate yourself about the types of therapies available to you. The least expensive way to get rid of cellulite with the fewest side effects is to change your lifestyle. While cellulite can be genetic, there are a few things you can do to reduce cellulite and its appearance. Lifestyle changes to consider include stress reduction, weight loss, and a healthier diet. You’ll also want to […]